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Hear them play their HeartOut

HeartOut is an online recording certification platform that is designed to provide organizations with a solution to both see and hear an applicant’s "live" performance digitally.

Taking today’s climate into consideration, we have created the perfect tool to aid in continuing education (juries, midterms, finals) by hosting auditions, contests and live performances on an easy-to-use digital platform for secured and optimized storage.

Download today and explore HeartOut’s infinite possibilities.

Unedited performances

HeartOut authenticates and verifies that an applicant’s performance is "live" and unedited by only allowing applicants to record themselves online and in real time. By eliminating recording manipulations often seen in the industry, HeartOut upholds the safety and protection of a performer’s authentic talent when recorded into our app with the latest privacy standards.

"Live" Auditions

HeartOut transforms the idea of online "live" auditions by guaranteeing that participants can authentically perform their talents in real time. The HeartOut app has created an equal opportunity platform that formats all auditions into the same layout, ensuring fairness among all participants.

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